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Insurance Etc

Insurance and Other Information


ICCA members have access to the group insurance offered to CoCA associations through Gallaghers Insurance. This covers professional indemnity and public liability for a very reasonable cost.


ICCA is also part of a group copyright licence issued by CAL, the peak body for copyright. Members details are provided to CAL to ensure their inclusion in this group licence. If you wish to be part of this group, please advise our membership secretary and your name to be included on the policy.

Recent CoCA activities

As discussed on the forum, ICCA has been involved in the CoCA discussions related to:

1. Our status as Commonwealth Officers

2. The response to the proposed professional fee on celebrants

3. The response to the request from the AGD regarding conflict of interest scenarios and updates to these provisions

4. Inclusion in the Industry Skills Council review of the Certificate IV in Celebrancy. CoCA, as the peak body for celebrants, has a significant role in this review.


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