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About ICCA


The International College of Celebrancy (ICC) has been training students and celebrants since 1995. The college principal, Dally Messenger, has been a celebrant and celebrant advocate since 1974.

In 2002, an Alumni association was formed, and given the name College of Celebrancy Association. Membership was open to students and all celebrants who aspired to top quality service in their presentation and their professional attitude. In 2008, the name was changed to ICC Alumni and Friends Association (ICCA). Our values, aims and ethics remain the same.

We do not have a management committee as such, but various members are volunteers who provide their services in different areas, to the association community.

These people are:

Chairperson and Yahoo Forum Moderator - Lynnette Olsen
Membership Secretary - Yvonne Werner
Social Secretary -  Margaret Haywood
CoCA delegate - Yvonne Werner - CoCA alternate delegate - Ellen Spalding
ICCA Patron and Mentors - Dally and Remi Messenger
ICC Tutor support - Dr. Chris Watson and Diane Storey.


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